Вологодская ягода

About us

     Nowadays frozen food market is one of the largest Russian food markets. It has a high dynamic of development and great rate of growth. The potential of this market direction is so considerable that we strive to move with the times, offering high quality and ecologically clean product from Russia. It is not only highly competitive with numerous foreign analogues but leaves them behind.

     “Vologodskaya yagoda” company has been successfully engaged in the collecting, freezing, processing of wild and cultivated berries, mushrooms and vegetables, manufacturing of concentrated juices, semi-finished purees and directly squeezed juices, as well as the production of fresh berries and mushrooms in a modified atmosphere package. Over the years, we have been able to achieve the customers’ confidence in the brand “Vologodskaya yagoda” and this is our main achievement and the most valuable reward.

     The stable development of the company allows us to respond promptly to the slightest changes of the market, consider our customer needs. We constantly expand the product range, modernize the production site and implement the advanced technologies.

     The company offers a really unique product. Wild berries and mushrooms is a gift of nature. Today our main goal is to save this treasure and to carry it to our customer.