Вологодская ягода



“Vologodskaya yagoda” company was founded in 2014. Its name arises from two aspects:
1. The main production site is located in Vologda. Vologda region is one of the largest lands in the European part of Russia and it is rich in the forest’s bounties. Cranberry, lingonberry, cloudberry, blueberry, bog bilberry, porcini, birch bolete, aspen mushrooms and chanterelle are plenteously grown here. Besides, climate and natural resources of the Vologda region are favorable for the fruit and berries cultivation.
2. The main processing product that determines the specificity of the company is wild berries and mushrooms.


Today the company is at the stage of an active growth and it is one of the most successful in its segment. “Vologodskaya yagoda” constantly strengthens its positions at the Russian and foreign markets due to the consistent management policy within the company. An integrated approach allows optimizing the production processes, to ensure environmental security and to keep all the nutrients and vitamins that is very important for this type of product.

The company's products has more than 100 wholesale items, as well as more than 50 kinds of retail products.

Product assortment:

  • Fresh berries
  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Quick frozen (IQF) fruit (berries and fruits)
  • Quick frozen (IQF) mushrooms
  • Quick frozen (IQF) vegetables
  • Concentrated juices
  • Semi-finished purees
  • Directly squeezed juices

The primary objective of the “Vologodskaya yagoda” company is the manufacturing of high-quality products. Therefore we use modern advanced technologies at the production process and work with only the best suppliers of raw materials.

“Vologodskaya yagoda” supplies the products not only to the Russian market but also exports to CIS, Europe, Asia and America.

Our customers are the greatest Russian and world manufacturers in different fields: juice, dairy, pharmaceutical industries and etc.

“Vologodskaya yagoda” company is actively involved in various social programs and events, provides charitable assistance to the public organizations of the region.

The team of the company is more than 1000 employees. These are people who worked in the natural products harvesting and processing industry for decades and talented managers of a new generation. All the workers at the production site and all the gatherers at the collecting points have health books. Our senior managers regularly improve their qualification at the special courses and take part in sharing experiences with their foreign colleagues.

The task that the company's management is working at today – to combine the latest knowledge in the field of production management, marketing, logistics with the high-quality products and the traditions of Russian manufacturers.