Вологодская ягода

Technologies. Concentrated juice and puree

Modern technologies allow to save the original shape, taste and smell typical for berries and mushrooms with the minimum losses of vitamins and fibre.

Aseptic packing

Aseptic packing is highly popular nowadays. This technology is widely used for liquids (milk and dairy products – more than 65%, juices – more than 25%, soups, pastes etc. -10%).

The most popular aseptic packing process has three stages:

  • package sterilizing;
  • thermal treatment of the product;
  • packing.

Технологии. Соки и пюре Вологодская ягода

Aseptic packing means that first both the package and the product are sterilized separately, then the package is filled with the product aseptically. For concentrated juice packing the company uses aseptic bags. We use thermal method of aseptic packing as the safest one. After filling the top of the package (the zone near the lid) is steamed. Extra air is also removed.

Low temperature evaporating

Технологии. Соки и пюре Вологодская ягода

Concentrated juice production generally requires high temperature evaporating, this in its turn results in vitamin and nutrient loss. To minimize the loss a special technology was worked out. Dewatering is performed under low temperatures. The loss ratio is about 1 % only. This means you get a high quality, ecologically clean and natural product.