Вологодская ягода

Our corporate values

As a result of lasting work at the market, there were formed the principles and values of the company "Vologodskaya yagoda" on which we seek to build the relationships within the company and with the society around us.



"Vologodskaya yagoda" company guarantees the high standards of quality because all the products passes the strict control at all the stages, starting with the collecting points and finishing with the manufacturing of a ready-made product.



It is very important for "Vologodskaya yagoda" company to follow the working conditions safety and environmental protection. Our employees unconditionally comply with the rules of hygiene and safety. Besides that, constant monitoring of the impact of production on the environment is conducted.



It is very important for "Vologodskaya yagoda" company to maintain an active development of the company, based on the initiative of employees. We perceive the achievement of objectives as an opportunity to define more ambitious objectives. Our development strategy - to be one step ahead of everyone else on the level of quality and to expand our presence not only in Russia but also abroad



We strive to achieve the maximum result with the least costs (financial, human, temporal, etc.). It is important to note that it gets possible to achieve a serious level of effectiveness only if the employee is highly professional and responsible towards fulfilling his duties.



The modern world is transformed rapidly, so we are constantly learning and evolving, quickly respond to new trends, adapt to new standards and requirements to satisfy the desires of our customers completely.



Under the friendliness we understand the desire and the ability to show the respect, sympathy, interest in dealing with the customers, colleagues and partners. We believe that the work of our great team’s every member is equally important and has a direct impact on our customers, so all employees are provided equal rights and opportunities for their personal development in the company.



We are convinced that the ways to improve are always existed. Improvement of the company, improvement of products and technologies. That is why we are investing in the science, advanced development and strive to get a feedback from customers. The innovative spirit - it is an integral component of our company's image, one of the principal elements of doing business. It is the driving force, which we owe our leadership position in the industry to.